When Protecting Your Customer is Important!

Introducing CSE Virus Defender™

Antimicrobial Overlaminate Virus Shield

Incorporates Sciessent Agion®antimicrobial technology to inhibit growth of viruses, bacteria, mildew, and fungi.


  • Ambulances
  • Hospitals Hotels/Motels
  • Cafeterias/Restaurants
  • Medical/Dental Offices
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Health Clubs
  • Day Cares /Nurseries
  • Nursing Homes


  • Table Tops
  • Menus
  • Counter mats
  • Shopping cart Handles
  • Salad Bar Sneeze Guards
  • Shower Areas
  • Elevators
  • Almost any Flat high touch surface
  • Overlaminate virtually any printed or unprinted material to provide antimicrobial benefits

Why Virus Defend?

Assure your Customers

With eveything that has transpired, your customers and future customers are hesitant to venture out with the fear of contracting an illness. By adding CSE Virus Defender, you are letting your customers kow that you have made every effort to protect them giving them the confidence that it is safe.

Gain Market Share

The Public will soon be venturing out with a whole new respect for small businesses and wanting to do business locally. You can differentiate yourself from others by showing customers you were not afraid to invest in their safety. This will be a time to Grow.

Killing the Invisible Enemy

You can not see them, but they are there. Let CSE Virus Defender give you the Peace of mind that there is a layer of protection 24 hours a day. There are so many high touch surfaces from Table Tops to touchscreens. Protect yourself, your employees and your customers from unseen bacteria

Help Stop The Spread

Do your part in insuring that what we just went through does not happen again. There is no  100 percent cure but when you can decrease part of it by 99.9%, I would say you did your part.  Our lives have changed and your customers will want assurances. Do Your Part and get CSE Virus Defender today!

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